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  Within these pages you will find out all you need know about Final Fantasy and Dragon Ball Z/GT/AF, and of course you will also get to know the phenomenum that is FURY OF ANGELS!!!                             


 But beware the information your about to receave could blow your brains out


  A simple guide!

This web page is unlike any you may have seen, thats because it was made by me, not by some dude that has no idea what his on about, I on the other hand know nearly everything there is to know about the subjects mentioned it this web-page, even if you don't read any of it, hell you've probably stoped reading by now, or never even began to read, ... in which case, I'm writing this for nothing... oh well thats my life. 


 If you have any queries about this web-page or have any sujestions about posible improvements or things that should be added to this page then send them in to:



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